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 Being on the cutting edge of design is the ultimate horizon of every industry. Building the dream with the Wallpanel™System will allow you to achieve the next level of a net-zero building with the structural fortitude 10x stronger than the standard in the industry, while having true R30 walls that don’t decay. Our system is engineered to give you the flexibility of design with spacious open floor plans while enhancing every aspect to the envelope of the structure.

Our design method is a multi-functional system that can be applied as a structural wall, floor or roof system and can be easily integrated with other floors or roof systems. WallPanel™System has no design limitations and can be used with any interior or exterior finish. 

Wallpanel™ System 

  • Easy to train and easy to install

  • Simple process for electricians, sheet rockers, and roofers

  • Creating long term values to homes will reducing maintenance 

  • Allowing builders to not get sunk in on one job having to get others to complete

  • Shorter term loans on construction

  • Greater equity values and higher resale values for flips and residences

  • Reduce utility costs on home by up to 50%

  • Reduce emissions of homes

  • Creating affordable housing while increasing quality