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Our system was designed to eliminate the stresses inherent in the building process on all fronts of construction.

We understand that the lowest bid is usually the one that wins which puts many builders in a difficult position: how to build the best structure for the lowest cost and while still turning a profit.

The WallPanel™System will allow you to build green and stay in the black on each and every project. Our framing system will allow you to build a net-zero home or structure and reduce the overall maintence and add to the longevity of the building.

Unlike other panel systems on the market, even though everything is done to spec, you still have the ability to customize on site if need be without losing any of the structural properties of the WPS.


  • Factory quality control for straight and square wallsPhoto Jul 16, 11 41 37 AM

  • Eliminates the need for wall insulation contractors

  • Lowers your construction costs

  • Factory quality control for straight and square walls

  • Does not require cranes for installation

  • WPS can be used for R-30 walls, roofs and floors with standard 6″ thickness

  • Eliminates compliance concerns

  • WPS is extremely light weight- a 9ft wall only weights 80Lbs.

  • Unlimited design versatility, even curved walls!

  • Minimum waste disposal costs

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Studs are at 16″ on center spacing

  • WPS is a 3 in 1 wall system with Structural Framing/Thermal Insulation-Sound insulation/Pre-cut chasers for quick and easy electrical wiring.

  • WPS will allow you to build faster with smaller crews.  A 3200 sq.ft structure can be installed in just one day… a 1200 sq. ft. structure can be installed in under 6 hours.

  • Trusses are 24″ on center without top plates for load distribution

  • Has pre-cut electrical carriers (quick and simple for electricians)

  • WPS has pre-molded central vacuum line cavities that are self aligned from panel to panel

  • Consistent R30 values without decay

  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of all major building codes

  • Does not require structural engineering stamps for every modification